More to Brag about…{ Pallet Brag Board #2 }


Round 2 of my pallet “Brag Board” showcase is featuring a more rustic and curvy board that I created from my mound of pallets.  This one unlike the first has more of a rustic and natural look that would go well in an office, kitchen or mud room.  I used my jig saw to soften the […]

Project in Progress…


If you’re anything like me and have a creative side to you then you probably always have multiple projects going on at one time.  I am never working on just ONE project; there’s always 2 or 3 going on in my home. My wonderful and understanding husband realized a long time ago that he married […]

Rustic Relics…{ Tobacco Barns }


According to Our State Magazine “tobacco barns once numbered a half million and were fixtures on farms across the state of NC. Today, only about 50,000 still stand, vestiges of the tobacco industry, deteriorating reminders of the leaves’ influence on our culture”.   Reviving History {taken from Our State Magazine} Many of the estimated 50,000 tobacco […]

These are a Few of my Favorite things…{ Thanksgiving Recipes }

vintage thanksgiving

I so love Thanksgiving ; having family all under one roof warms my soul.  And I especially love cooking for Thanksgiving and each year there are a few recipes I have to cook or my family will disown me.  My father passed away 20 years ago but I can still remember the dishes he would […]