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  • Achieving a high-end look for your home isn’t as hard as you may think, especially when it comes to home decor accents. For this month’s Look for Less Challenge  I found inspiration on Perigold’s website. Perigold has a beautiful vase from Bradburn Home priced at $418. While it is a gorgeous vase, I am not willing to shell out that much on one home decor item for my home.⁣⠀
The Look for Less Challenge is hosted by Yami on her YouTube channel @TheLatinaNextDoor and her co-host this month is  Lindsay @Domerhome.  Check out the video in my profile and be sure to watch the playlist for even more DIY inspiration.⁣⠀
#pretty.simple.sherri #LookForLess #LookForLessChallenge #Perigold #PerigoldVaseDupe #BradburnHome #diydupes
  • Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and take your Instagram pics like you’re an Insta-Model because...⠀
1.  No one cares⠀
2. Life is short⠀
3. #noRegrets⠀
4. One day you’ll be dead⠀
5.  You’re not too old⠀
6.  You’re not too young⠀
7.  Don’t let the dream die inside of you⠀
8.  Cuz you’re creative and you gotta do it⠀
Hope you’re having a marvelous day and don’t forget to be creative but most importantly be yourself!!!! ⠀
#prettysimplesherri #justbecreative #dancelikenooneiswatching #noonereallycares #mindyourownbusiness #Becreative #instamodel #onedayyoullbedead
  • Happy Sunday Morning, Lovelies!⁣⠀
I am transforming the built-ins in my living room and it's all starting with the paint.  I had a huge paint fail happen but the great people @SherwinWilliams did a great job of hooking me up with the paint I needed to get the job done. ⁣⠀
Check out the video and blog post now.  Link in profile.⁣⠀
#SherwinWilliams #KendallCharcoal #PaintingFail #TransformingMyHome #PrettySimpleSherri ⁣⠀
  • When @kirklands gives you lemons...put them in a beautiful glass vase! I am in 💗 the lemons I purchased at Kirkland’s. They look so realistic and the leaves add a beautiful touch to them. I am all about lemons this Spring and this is going to be a beautiful addition to my kitchen. 
#kirlandsfind #citrusseason #whenlifegivesyoulemons #glassvase #prettysimplesherri #decoratingforspring
  •'re not getting any younger.  It's now or never, buttercup! ⁣⠀
#BeLikeNikeAndJustDoIt #NowOrNever #PrettySimpleSherri #DoItNow #WhatAreYouAfraidOf #KickFearInTheFace
  • Looking to create a cute and inexpensive wreath for Spring? Check out my video on how to create a gorgeous wreath using all @dollartree items. ⠀
Link to video in my profile ⠀
#dollartreeDIY #DIYSpringWreath #PrettySimpleSherri #SpringDIY

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